Jan Peppler, PhD

Guiding You Home

Each of us longs for home, for the sense of feeling at home and being at home. Yet at some point, many of us have felt estranged from home and don’t know where to find it.

We live our lives, possibly content yet sensing at moments the overwhelming sensation of being unmoored. We buy more things, purchase bigger houses, move to “better” locations, and still don’t feel content or soulfully connected to place.

How do we find home – that place where we feel comfortable and safe, where our needs are met, and we belong? How do we find the place that just feels right?

Why do some places, people, and things feel more like home than others? And how do we create home as adults, especially when family or jobs no longer dictate where we have to live?

I can help you find these answers.

Services I Provide

My presentations and workshops engage, edify, and inspire participants. You can also work with me directly to understand your connection to home, where to find it, and how to create it.


On home, myth, the hero's journey, personal narratives, and empowerment.


Every presentation can also be a workshop.


Work with me directly.

My Focus

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Everything begins at home. Our sense of home - or lack of connection with it - influences everything: the way we see the world and how we operate in it.  The principles of home relate not only to our families and where we live, but also to where we work and how we interact with others. Understanding what makes a person or place feel like home for each of us, and different from what may feel like home to someone else, is essential to finding, creating, and keeping our sense of home, wherever we are.

Stories, Myth, & Psychology

Everything is a story. Stories are the glue that hold our lives together. Stories connect us to ourselves, to each other, and to the world. Viewing our stories through the lens of depth psychology, archetypes, and myth provides a context for our experience. This helps us celebrate and embrace the stories that work for us and, when needed, modify the ones that don't.