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I LOVE Summer. It’s my favorite season. I’ve always preferred to be miserably hot than even slightly cold. Cold makes me irritable. Heat just makes

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Duomo di Nicosia

The Cathedral in Nicosia, Sicily, built in the 14th Century, is dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari, which is said to be how the town

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Finding Home – With a Dog

There’s a lot being written about staying home these days. Discomfort. Anxiety. Isolation. Depression. The truth is, many of us struggled with “home” even before

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Palermo, Capital of Sicily

I only spent one evening in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, despite spending eleven weeks in Covid19 isolation, only thirty minutes away. Palermo has a

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Coming Home

Homes have personalities. They are extensions of ourselves. A home needs life to sustain it. When I returned from four months in Italy, my home was happy to see me.

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The Bumpy Road Home

There are days I surprise myself. Good days. And then other days, equally surprised, nowhere good. Today is the latter. Today I can’t help thinking

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