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3 thoughts on “A Tree Doesn’t Text”

  1. Jan, wonderful to hear from you! Love this graphic so much. Your contributions and website are beautiful. The Community Library just broadcast a discussion, via Germany, with the author of the book, ‘The Hidden Life of Trees,’ by Peter Wohlleben. I bet they’ll archive it…you’ll love it. (I’ve had his book for awhile; a beautiful reminder to revisit.)

    Hope you and the puppies are well and safe and healthy.

    1. Thank you, Dayle! And thank you for responding. I’ve been having major problems with my new website and was afraid I lost all my subscribers. Glad to know this reached you!
      In the midst of endless tech problems, I’ve taken daily solace in the one single tree in my backyard. Landscapes are integral to our sense of home. And for me, that landscape always includes trees!
      Love to you!

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Everything begins at home. Our relationship to home influences how we see the world and how comfortable we are in it. My research of many years, including my PhD dissertation on the psychology of home, reveals key ingredients that are essential to feeling at home. To finding home and creating home when feeling very far away and disconnected. These blog posts are mini meditations of sorts. Enjoy.
For more information, please contact me directly. I always love speaking to groups!

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