About Me

Ph.D. and M.A. in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology
Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria, CA
Dissertation: The Psychology of Home: An Archetypal Study of Relationship to Place

B.A. Humanities, Focus: Sacred Mythology
DePaul University, Chicago, IL
Thesis: From Madness to Meaning: Spiritual Direction in America Today

Jan Peppler PhD

My background includes social services, nonprofits, teaching, and counseling. In private practice since 1994, my work and my writing has focused on helping others understand life stories that shape physical and emotional patterns, heal old wounds, embrace their potential, and become the hero of their own mythic journey. 

I also spent many years working in HIV/AIDS social services, providing direct services to clients and caregivers, facilitating support groups, and organizing hospice care.

As a consultant, my specialty is working with management and boards to clarify mission, vision, and objectives with an emphasis on the important of individual contributions that support the success of the entire organization.

As a writer and former college professor of English and Humanities, I am profoundly aware of the power of stories. Assisting others in recognizing the stories that consciously and unconsciously influence our lives, is what I enjoy most.


My Experience

Everything I do is motivated by the belief that every person has the power to make the world better.

I’ve moved around a bit. Not a rolling stone, not an intrepid traveler, not lost and searching… rather, life unfolds and has called me to various places. I’ve been moving since I was eighteen. The longest I lived in one place was in a very small town in Idaho. I love it. I really loved it. And, eventually, I knew I couldn’t stay. But before I could leave, I needed to understand what drew me there in the first place. Why did that place feel like home?

So I went back to school and spent a number of years researching home from various perspectives. I wrote a dissertation, earned my PhD, and left the home I loved so much in order to continue my research.

Along the way, I ended up on yet another hero journey that continues to bring insight into home. What it is and how, when we know what to look for, we can find it almost anywhere.


I have never stopped working with nonprofits. In Los Angeles, I raised money for public service campaigns, an orphanage in Mexico, and AIDS social services. In Sun Valley, Idaho, I turned my efforts to environmental conservation. I directed all philanthropic and fundraising efforts for the local land trust and then The Nature Conservancy. I then returned to nonprofit consulting for eight years, just as I had done many years prior in Chicago. My volunteer service has included working with rape and abuse survivors, women in Ethiopia recovering from obstetric fistulas, and individuals and families that are homeless, food insecure, homebound, and/or sick.

Leading instruction and facilitating discussion is one of my greatest joys. As faculty for the Wellness and Massage Training Institute, I was certified by the Illinois Board of Education to teach 27 classes, including those I designed for working with special populations. My primary focus, however, was in teaching Business Principles and Development. While working in HIV, I designed and led a 26-hour training for volunteers that was adopted by a consortium of care providers in Chicago. Most recently, I taught Introduction to Humanities and English Composition at both College of Southern Idaho and College of Western Idaho. I am also the founder and facilitator of the Joseph Campbell Mythological Roundtable of Ketchum, Idaho, which was active monthly for three years until I moved to Tulsa.