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Love Yourself

Self Esteem

I failed at allergy shots. You know, the ones engineered to make you not allergic to the thing you’re allergic to. Yeah, those shots. Maybe

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Finding Home – With a Dog

There’s a lot being written about staying home these days. Discomfort. Anxiety. Isolation. Depression. The truth is, many of us struggled with “home” even before

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Coming Home

Homes have personalities. They are extensions of ourselves. A home needs life to sustain it. When I returned from four months in Italy, my home was happy to see me.

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A Home-cooked Meal

Home is food. More than that, it is the experiences and memories of how we eat food. Home for me is the sharing of food, cooked at home by many hands and enjoyed with abundance.

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On Being Alone

13 March 2020 Adulting is hard. No doubt about it, There are absolutely days when being an adult can feel overwhelming. And yes, there are

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