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Since 2017, I have been helping people understand the imprints that influence their relationship to home, discover where to find home, and decide on the location of home that will best serve their desires, needs, and intentions.

This work isn’t as easy as it sounds. The more you participate and do the homework to consider the questions I pose, the more you will feel confident about what you learn and how to apply it. My guidance helps you find the answers.

Work with me directly for $160 an hour or purchase a package of three hours for $360. 

In the first hour we’ll discuss the archetype of home and the first questions for understanding broadly the imprints that influence your relationship with home. Click here for those introductory questions. Subsequent sessions explore more personalized questions and consider your current situation within the lens of home. Especially for those who moved a lot as a child or whose mother was missing during their childhood, additional sessions are helpful to discover connections that may be less obvious.

Additionally, you may want to look at the address of your home as an indication of whether you’re in the right place or not. Numerology consultations are priced a little differently. See below.

"You've always had the power to go back [home]... You have to learn it for yourself."

Glinda, in The Wizard of Oz
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What is home to you? Well, somewhere safe and cozy, a roof over your head, where you belong, and where your emotional needs are met. But it’s not always that simple.

We each have preferences that may be difficult to identify and, if ignored, can make what “should” be a great home feel awful. Discovering these preferences, based on unconscious imprints, can help you choose the right home with the right features in the right location just for you.

We start with some basic questions and then move on to more detailed material based specifically on your current life circumstances.

Digging deep into these ideas is especially important if you are planning to move or if you are unhappy where you are.

Congratulations on your coupling! You’ve found home in each other. But, particularly if you’re older and have already created your own home as a single person, you have home imprints that are deeply ingrained. Preferences of location, landscape, decorations and more  may appear to clash.   How do you create a home that serves you both and supports your relationship, without either of you feeling like you’re giving up too much?

Numbers carry vibrations. The address of your home can impact your experience inside the home. To fully understand the influence of your house number, however, it needs to be considered within your larger numerology blueprint and in conjunction with the number ruling your current phase of life.

For example, if you have an abundance of 5 in your chart and if 5 is the energy of your current life stage, you would not want to move into a home with a number of 5 – that would result in way too much unrest and change. Whereas, if you are in a 1 phase and emerging from the end of a significant relationship, a home with a 5 energy could be exactly what you need to move on and feel excited about new possibilities.

Simply looking at your address by itself can be done within a normal hour session. To understand how your address is impacted by your personality, soul urge, life path, and stages of life, a full numerology blueprint is required. Cost for preparing this blueprint, a minimum of four pages long for you to keep, study, and refer to again and again, is $240.

A house blessing, whether done alone, with only one or two others, or with family and friends, establishes the energy and intentions for your personal space. This blessing can be as unique as you like, perfectly fitting your personality and your needs. A celebration often follows the blessing.

Performing ritual when you leave a beloved home is equally powerful, especially if this home marked a positive time in your life and if you have children. In both cases, this home has left imprints and moving away can result in grief similar to losing a best friend. Creating a ritual, whether extremely simple or more elaborate, is a conscious act of gratitude that marks your transition and assists in nurturing your relationship to this home and your next.

What are the stories you tell about yourself? Stories you believe and stories you tell others. The more you tell a story, the more believe it. But are the stories you’re telling serving you or are they holding you back?

This workshop helps you identify the stories of your life that would benefit from revision. Learn how to change your personal narrative in a way that better honors your truth and assists you in living your best life.

What People Say

Jan is an excellent communicator. She understands the value of story and of communicating in a way that resonates with audiences who do not understand jargon.
Mathew Miller
"Jan presented "The Power of Myth" and "The Hero's Journey" as a salon and workshop for the Idaho Friends of Jung in Boise, Idaho. Her wisdom and ideas shared were excellent! She illustrated through popular stories and examples, and accentuated with various exercises. Participants explored their own personal journeys and discovered insight into where they’ve been and where they’re going. I took home some new ideas. . . and shared my notes with colleagues and leaders . . . across the country! Well done!"
Kevin Laughlin, PhD
Ecumenical Spiritual Director
"Jan's knowledge coupled with her warmth, intuitiveness, and fabulous skill set has always set her apart.
Denise Theobald