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I have over 25 years of experience in nonprofits: developing programs, managing teams, training boards, consulting, and fundraising. I’ve worked with international organizations, local and regional NGOs, and small community groups. I assist organizations in reaching their full potential. I help design strategies for success. I facilitate understanding and lead discussions that create new possibilities. 

A lot has changed over the years. Marketing is much more varied and reliant on social media. Philanthropy trends have evolved along with technology and the changing economy. But the basics remain. A successful nonprofit needs excellent organization, strategic planning, a clear vision, precise mission, and an authentic story to inspire people to give.

Nonprofits aren’t a job. They are the sweat and tears of what you stand for, what you believe in. Whether you are staff, board member or volunteer, you are committed to something greater than yourself. You wouldn’t be there if you didn’t want your contributions to make an impact.

Speaker, Presenter, Consultant

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

My workshops engage and inspire and produce positive results

  • Is everyone in your organization committed to the same vision, mission, and values? 
  • Do your people know their role in your success and have a plan for how to get there? 
  • Does everyone agree on what success looks like?
  • Are you struggling to reach more people? To grow your funding and increase your impact?
Popular Consulting Topics

Outside of details identified in the bylaws, what exactly is the responsibility of the board? What does it mean to provide direction and oversight? What are the liabilities of fiduciary responsibility? How can board members contribute to fundraising and development? Are there expectations for individual financial support? All boards are working boards, but the organization needs to clearly identify the ways in which the board is expected to contribute.

How do you find, cultivate, and steward friends of the organization that will provide on-going significant financial support? How do these relationships differ from members or memberships and why must they be addressed in a unique way? Learn how to build and maintain a major donor program. Planning campaigns based on a donor pyramid may also be addressed if requested.

Understanding the function of special events – when and why to do them – and managing expectations of outcomes is critically important to avoid frustration and burnout among staff, board, and volunteers. Not all special events are fundraisers. This segment walks through a careful analysis that can be used for every event idea, which will help you analyze the benefit to the organization and ascertain measures of success in advance of effort.

People remember stories far more readily than facts and figures. Stories touch our hearts. Stories inspire. Stories move people to respond.  What is the story of your organization? Is it a story you are telling or a story others are telling about you? This workshop helps you identify the best stories that define the value of what you do and the best way to tell these stories with impact.

More than memorizing the mission, vision, or tagline, the elevator speech includes a personal element; an authentic connection to the organization that makes your pitch unique and easily adjustable to your audience. This segment prepares participants to respond in any situation and removes the fear of being caught off guard.

You might think you have a catchy sounding mission or vision, but does it clearly and accurately define what you do and how the world benefits from your work? These tools are essential for keeping your organization on track and to inspire others to support your work. And both need to be reevaluated regularly to adapt to changing needs and a changing world.

Values inform your mission, vision, and goals. They determine how you achieve your goals and are the foundation upon which your mission is built. In the absence of clearly defined values, people will operate according to what they deem important, which may not be congruent with the organization. In other words, how you fulfill your mission is just as important as the mission itself.

What does your organization want to achieve in 5 years? In 3 years? In 1 year?

Creating S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive) goals within 1, 3, and 5 –year strategic plans that is essential. They are the roadmap for all activity. Strategic plans are living directives that allow all stakeholders to stay focused on the work that must be done to fulfill the mission and achieve the organization’s vision. This exercise also identifies resources needed and parties responsible for leading the successful achievement of each goal.

What People Say

"A true leader, Jan knows fundraising and has the skills, knowledge, and passion to lead philanthropic efforts even in a difficult economic climate. She understands philanthropy and knows how to inspire donors - and how to inspire staff so that they are excited about fundraising efforts."
Matthew L Miller
Director of Science Communications, The Nature Conservancy
"Jan is one of the most competent and effective fundraising professionals I have encountered in my many years of nonprofit philanthropy. She built a strong base of donor support through exceptional organizational skills with her team and her database. Her success also stems from her interpersonal skills, enthusiasm and likeability. I recommend her highly."
Elaine French
Philanthropist & Nonprofit Board Member in CA, ID, and WA
"Jan has helped me create new strategies and think outside of the box. She facilitated the creation of a new mission and vision for our organization and educated the board on fundraising strategies. The board responded really well to her and she successfully engaged them in the process. They got more excited than they had been in a long time! Her expertise and knowledge is invaluable.
Molly Goodyear
Executive Director, Environmental Resource Center