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Dear Subscribers to my blog…

It’s been quite a year. Not much of anything has gone according to our hopes and best-laid plans, has it? Though hopefully, like me, you have found some equally unexpected joys and gifts in all this craziness.

You began following me during my incredible journey of Covid19 quarantine in Italy. Thank you! Your interest has meant the world to me. Knowing you were out there sustained me in immeasurable ways.

When I finally returned to the States, I had so much more I wanted to share with you. And, for various reasons, I set up a new website and moved my blog off WordPress. Unfortunately, that never worked as planned. Months of frustration eventually led to depression, exasperated by so many elements of Covid19 that we’ve all been experiencing, and my writing nearly stopped. Or, at least, my postings to the blog came to a jerky halt, much like an engine that starts and then stops halfway down the drive.

The fog has finally lifted for me. I’ve returned to WordPress. But alas, one glitch still remains: I am unable to migrate my followers back to my WordPress site.

If you are still interested in my thoughts on home and travel and life, I hope you will visit my new blog at janpepplerhome.com and subscribe again. You will find links to subscribe at the bottom of the homepage.

And, if you have the time, I’d love to hear what you think. Any thoughts. About what I’m writing, the topics I’m covering, things that I’m not and you’d like me to, or even the blog design itself. You can respond in a comment section or send me an email through the contact page. Really. I’m interested. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you again. For your interest and for your support. You are an unexpected gift and joy, especially during this very unsettling year.

Please, stay safe and stay well. And whatever holidays you celebrate during this holy winter season, may you experience a renewed hope in all that is good and yet to come.

Warmly, Jan

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Everything begins at home. Our relationship to home influences how we see the world and how comfortable we are in it. My research of many years, including my PhD dissertation on the psychology of home, reveals key ingredients that are essential to feeling at home. To finding home and creating home when feeling very far away and disconnected. These blog posts are mini meditations of sorts. Enjoy.
For more information, please contact me directly. I always love speaking to groups!

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