Home Matters

Why Home Matters

Everything begins at home. Our sense of home influences everything – the way we see the world and how we operate in it.

Why does something feel like home to me yet may feel different to you? Through my research of many years, I discovered the basic components of the archetypal home, as well as the ways that our experiences of home become imprinted on us. These discoveries are deeply relevant to all aspects of our lives, including where we work, play, volunteer, and, of course, live.

Understanding how our needs are met, or not met, at home when we are children is critical to finding and enjoying home as adults. This examination is especially important when where we live is no longer dictated by family or work. When we can live anywhere, how do we choose the place that will truly feed our soul?

The most successful organizations thrive when the foundations of home are present in the workplace. Understanding these principles, which can be applied even when budgets are tight, creates a work environment where employees flourish and gladly go above and beyond for the success of the organization.

My presentations reveal how the psychology of home is relevant to all organizations and audiences. These include:
  • The Principles of Home in the Workplace: What we Need to Thrive

  • A Room of One’s Own: The Importance and Meaning of Home

  • What Our Houses Reveal and How They Influence Our Reality

  • Working with Children: How Home Impacts Their Success

  • Landscape and Play: Key Ingredients of Feeling at Home

  • How Childhood Influences Our Adult Experience of Home

  • Mom is a Metaphor for Home

  • Home and The Hero’s Journey: Understanding Home in Our Personal Myths

  • Sacred Spaces: How to Find and Create Home in Our Modern Mobile Lives

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