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Le Luminarie, My Quarantine Home

Le Luminarie Residenza Creativa in Balestrate, Sicilia, has been my home of the last 11 weeks, through the most significant time in modern history. A refuge and a sanctuary. A respite and inspiration. My time here will forever be seared in my memory and held in my heart. I will miss this place. Hopefully I will be back – sooner than later! 🔆💛💙

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7 thoughts on “Le Luminarie, My Quarantine Home”

  1. I can see it now, tourists renting the room where the legendary writer, Jan Peppler, wrote her famous memoirs during the international coronavirus pandemic in the 21st century!

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Everything begins at home. Our relationship to home influences how we see the world and how comfortable we are in it. My research of many years, including my PhD dissertation on the psychology of home, reveals key ingredients that are essential to feeling at home. To finding home and creating home when feeling very far away and disconnected. These blog posts are mini meditations of sorts. Enjoy.
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